Feeding Those In Need
During Tough Times

Covid is restricting charity operations when people need their help the most

See 1000 meals being made from the catering kitchen

FareShare is having trouble meeting demand to feed hungry people who are struggling right now. To make things worse, COVID restrictions have forced FareShare to suspend most of their volunteers who in 2020 cooked 3.7Mil free, nutritious meals.

When Duncan (joint owner) found out about this from some of our staff who volunteer there regularly (thanks Morin, Deb and Paul) we called FareShare and offered our facilities to help. Within a couple of days Elizabeth Andrews was producing 1,000 meals a day with the help of the Elizabeth Andrews staff who volunteered their time to help.

‘We would like to do more’, so we asked FareShare; ‘can we invite others to come in and volunteer their time too’. They said yes, and so if you would like to help and live within a 5Km of 96 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne, please contact us via the form below.

We need help in many areas ranging from office admin to dish-washing, chopping and packing. Your help will help feed many struggling men, women and hungry children right now and from the lockdown perspective, this is regarded as essential work.

Who is FareShare? For 20 years they have rescued quality food that may otherwise have gone to landfill and cooked it into delicious, healthy meals for people in need, at no cost.

With little government funding, they rely on the generosity of others to make this possible. Their biggest supplier is Woolworths Australia without whom FareShare couldn’t survive, they’ve even donated staff to help with production in times of crisis.

FareShare distributes cooked meals to hundreds of frontline charities around Australia, such as homeless shelters, women’s refuges, soup vans and community food banks. They not only fill the bellies of people in need but also their souls by showing that somebody cares.

FareShare relies on donations and volunteer help. If you would like to offer your support, please contact us below or visit FareShare’s website to see how you can get involved – https://www.fareshare.net.au/

Who is Elizabeth Andrews Catering? For 30 years we have supplied businesses in Melbourne with corporate and event catering and in more recent years we’ve started focussing on venue catering, private catering and weddings.

The business was originally started by husband and wife team Elizabeth and Andrew Dunoon. In 2014 our friend Duncan Scudamore took over half the business from Elizabeth (you can call Duncan the new Elizabeth). While private and corporate catering is quiet now the entire business is committed to FareShare’s success and there’s definitely a huge “feel good factor” when it comes to helping those less fortunate!

If you would like to come and join us for some fun in the kitchen, regardless of your skills, please get in contact and let’s help those less fortunate than us and make a difference to their lives by showing we care.

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