What is the new covid norm
for Corporate Catering

Shared platters or individual boxes?

Now we are coming out of lock down, if you are thinking about holding meetings again, you may be wondering; Can we provide food and if so how should we do this?

Elizabeth Andrews has been open right through the pandemic as some businesses who provide an essential service also needed catering.

This week more businesses are starting to return and order corporate catering for their meetings. So yes, corporate catering is back on the menu and it has been nice to hear those familiar voices again.

Recently individual boxes have been popular but things are changing. This week for example 50% of orders are for individual boxes and 50% of people are ordering shared platters for their corporate functions.

If you are wondering which option is best for your meeting here is a snap shot of the benefits of both:

LShared platters:

  • Better for the environment
  • Less packaging also means a lower cost
  • Less space used on your table
  • More social, as food is a great way to bond and share our time together
  • Allows for different quantities. Some people eat more and some less
  • Allows for that unexpected extra person

Click here to see the catering menu and options

Individual boxes:

  • Everyone gets equal quantities
  • Good for social distancing
  • Handy if people are eating at different times or in different locations

Click here to see the individual box menu

When it comes to special dietary requirements both options are equal as they can be pattered separately with either option.

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