Sustainability and Social Cause


Sustainability’s in our DNA.
For many years we have been committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment. Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to update our infrastructure in a new state of the art production facility into which we have installed some fantastic initiatives that will assist us to minimise our carbon footprint.
We’ve engaged with all of our staff and suppliers to “spread the word” about carbon footprint reduction. Some of our initiatives include:

  • Working with our suppliers to reduce their raw ingredient packaging.
  • Minimizing food miles by purchasing locally grown and raised raw ingredients.

We’ve installed the latest carbon footprint hardware to our business including:

  • Commercial on-site food and packaging composter
  • 140 solar panels on our production facility
  • Eco friendly cleaning chemicals that we produce onsite
  • Rainwater capture for dishwasher operations
  • Cottage gardens at the production facility
  • Carbon offset purchases for our delivery fleet
  • Solar skylights as an alternative to LED’s
  • The latest high-tech oil capture in our extraction systems
  • Replacing all packaging with plant-based alternatives

We recognise that food waste is the single biggest cause of landfill and as such we encourage our staff to introduce sustainable practices in their personal life (and to bring their personal food waste to work for commercial composting).

Only engaging suppliers that observe sustainable animal husbandry and production methods.

We’re determined to make a difference and we want to leave our environment in better shape for the next generation than how we found it.

Social Cause

Business is not just about making a profit at all costs. We recognise this and we want our business to be different. Sure, it’s important to make a living but it’s equally as important to be a good corporate citizen. So beyond making a profit, our aim is to contribute and give back to society in the best possible way we can.

From Little Things

We are determined to leave a legacy…


We will shortly be inviting our staff to become shareholders in the business. Our employees will become owners, decision makers, leaders, goal setters and change makers.

Our approach will truly result in win/win/win outcomes:


Our shared common goal towards continually improving our customers experience will mean that our customers will receive an ever-improving reliable product and service at absolute best value.


Our staff will have the opportunity to grow, be involved, be recognised and rewarded as true business owners.


The original owners will have the support of people who are working with them, not for them. As such, the business will not rely on one or two individuals but the sum of the total.

The upshot is that everyone wins because we all enjoy our time together working towards a common cause.

Our ultimate goal is to become a role model, to help other businesses (at no cost) to adopt the same system to benefit more people in our community. This is where we believe we can make our greatest contribution to society. Stay tuned for updates.

Giving Back

As part of our business goals, we want to continually increase what we give back to those in need, with the goal to help people less fortunate both in Australia and overseas.

We have actively been supporting a number of charities in Australia such as the Property Foundation who work to reduce youth homelessness in Australia and numerous bushfire relieve organisations such as BlazeAid.

Our goal for 2020 is to establish how we will support people in less fortunate countries. Being in the food industry we would like to help people or villages who are less fortunate to be able to source clean water and teach them how to grow their own food. More on this to come.

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