Healthy Food Catering: Ideas for Healthy Food Options for your Office Catering

Healthy Corporate Catering Ideas: Simple ideas for your corporate catering that are easy and healthy


The problem: I’m desperate for some healthy catering ideas that will tick all the boxes and impress my guests!

The solution: Check out some of the ideas we have for healthy catering and the system we have in place to make is so simple to order


Healthy food catering for your corporate catering can often be hard to come by. In this day and age simple, fresh and healthy catering should be the norm rather than the exception. All too often it isn’t as healthy as it should be and if it is healthy, it lacks flavour and interest.


Healthy food should be central to the design of every menu item. But what is healthy food? That’s a bit like asking how long’s a piece of string…….. When considering whether food is healthy or not it’s important to take into consideration many different factors including:

A number of years ago, Elizabeth Andrews put a system into place that makes it easy for customers to clearly identify what is healthy and can be eaten regularly, what should be eaten in moderation and finally what should only be consumed as a “treat”. We worked closely with the Victorian Healthy Eating Advisory Service ( to analyse each and every one of the recipes on our menu. We then applied a traffic light system so clients can easily identify what is a healthy option so they can make an informed decision and choose accordingly.


Beside each menu item we have provided a Health Eating Rating. In addition to the rating per menu item, we have also worked with our shopping basket designers to apply an additional filter to our drop down menu ( Our approach really takes the guess work out of choosing healthy catering options and means that if your company has a policy of only eating healthy options, you don’t have to spend hours trawling through menus and guessing which is the healthiest food.


When it comes to healthy food ideas, the key is to focus on a balanced intake of all of the five food groups:

If the items you choose for your corporate catering includes a selection of the five food groups and your choices are not heavily processed, it’s pretty safe to say you’re on the right track. Take a look at some of the suggestions below:


Salads (Vegetables and legumes or beans)


The days of a ho-hum salad are gone! Salads (especially with a hit of protein in them) provide a fantastic alternative to sandwiches, are healthy, fresh and filling.

For even more options, tap into




We’ve all been brought up to appreciate the value of fruit in a balanced diet. Some fruits can be high in sugar and some low but whatever fruit(s) you choose, assuming you have a normal metabolism, it’s almost impossible to consume enough fructose to cause harm. Packed with fibre and water, fruit is also great at filling you up and as such has the effect of telling your body that you don’t need more to eat. Compare this to a bottle of soft drink which does little to satisfy a hunger but can sometimes have three times more sugar than a piece of whole fruit!


Winter fruits tend to have a lower sugar content than summer fruits but a rough guide is:

Grain (cereal) foods, mostly wholegrain


When it comes to satisfying all day parts and all food groups, cereals and grains form an important part of a balanced diet. We have included plenty of fibre, roughage and greens in our salads, along with an abundance of traditional cereals. Grains throughout the breakfast menu along with wholegrain breads in our sandwich selections ensures variety and balance.


Lean meats and poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds


As meat free diets gains traction, it’s becoming even more important to make sure suitable alternatives are introduced to a person’s diet to make up for those nutrients that can only be found in a non-vegetarian diet.

The key nutrients that vegetarian and vegan people might struggle with include:

We make a point of ensuring our sandwich fillings are well balances and our vegetarian options provide as many of the trace elements as possible including tempeh sandwich fillings (tofu), cage free local eggs and a wide variety of freshly poached and roasted vegetables.


Milk, yoghurt, cheese or alternatives


Local Australian cheeses, fresh pot set yoghurts and fresh milk are commonly used throughout our entire menu either in it’s pure form (cheese platters, yoghurt pots etc) or as ingredients (béchamel sauces, scones etc).


It’s important in any balanced diet that it remains exactly that – balanced. As long as the overall intake is not excessive, the diet remains balanced and the diet includes a limited amount of processed foods, there’s a high probability that your diet will be healthy.


No doubt your grandmother had the same mantra as mine – everything in moderation my dear!


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