Office Christmas Party Menu Ideas: EASY and CREATIVE CORPORATE Christmas party ideas 2019

Office Christmas Party ideas: Your SIMPLE GUIDE for the BEST Christmas party ideas for 2019


The problem: It’s Christmas – Not Ham and Turkey again?

The solution: Take a look at some wonderfully simple alternative Christmas party ideas


The office Christmas party is upon us and the challenge is to come up with some fantastic but simple menu ideas that will impress and delivery on a low budget! Whether it’s nibbles, buffet, finger food or appetizers, the key is to make the food creative and interesting while all the while sticking to that low budget! There are plenty of alternatives to the traditional Ham and Turkey, some of which we’d like to share with you.


Apart from our 2019 Christmas Corporate Catering menu (see or our standard menu (see we’ve got some quick and easy simple alternatives you may want to consider for this year.


Obviously the web is a great place to start and with that in mind we’ve had a bit of a trawl on your behalf. Check out some of these websites:


The beauty of some of these sites is that we can see what Christmas party food ideas are popular overseas. Some are a bit quirky, some are certainly alternative and others are just downright weird. But the one thing all of these suggestions have in common is that more often than not, they are quick and easy and absolute crowd pleasers!


When it comes to planning your Office Christmas Party it’s important to do so methodically in order to make sure every box is ticked! We have an excellent resource on page 32 of our menu which you can download at Alternatively, if you go through the following list step-by-step, you’ll be the star of the show!

  1. Your Venue

The venue you choose should have good access; consider the location of toilets and disability access. Consider how the room will flow, taking into account speeches, music, audio visual equipment, displays, catering and registration. If food is to be prepared on site, consider the size of the kitchen and cooking facilities.


  1. Location, Public Transport & Parking

The ability for your guests to get to and from the venue is important.


  1. Site Inspection

We are happy to inspect your venue with you to help organise the function and explain how the catering will work.


  1. Timing and Running Schedule

Consider the arrival, food and beverage service, presentations, entertainment and departure of your guests. The time of day will influence how hungry your guests are. A 2.00pm function will require less food than a function at midday or 5.00pm.


  1. Guest Numbers

Plan the timing of your RSVP and allow some time to get final numbers.


  1. Gender Ratio and Age

The age and gender of your guests will influence their preferences in food and beverage as well as the quantity and variety.


  1. Budget

It’s extremely helpful for us if you have some idea of your budget prior to requesting quotes.

  1. Type of Event

It’s important to have an idea of what you want to achieve from the event before deciding on the type of function you wish to hold. The type of function normally falls into one of three categories; a stand up, cocktail style function usually with finger food, a sit down buffet style meal which could also include a carvery or BBQ, or a sit down plated meal.


  1. Menu Selection

Included in this section are our function menus, we are however pleased to create tailored menus to cater to your specific event requirements.

  1. Dietary Requirements

It is important to obtain dietary requirements when guests are confirming their attendance. Once our Event Manager is advised of any dietary requirements they will make certain those guests are properly catered for.


  1. Beverage Selection

There are two ways to purchase beverages: on consumption or in a package.


  1. Staff

Elizabeth Andrews can provide staff from Event Managers to Service Staff and Chefs.


  1. Equipment, Furniture and Theming

We can supply any type of catering equipment, furniture or theming you may need for your event either from our own inventory or from specialist hire companies.


  1. Audio Visual (AV) Equipment

Elizabeth Andrews works with several AV suppliers and can assist in sourcing your AV equipment.


  1. Wet Weather Options and Permits

Melbourne’s weather is often fickle and a viable wet weather plan is always worth considering when planning a function to be held outside. Many of Melbourne’s best outdoor locations require a permit to operate a function on the site. Elizabeth Andrews can assist in your planning for this requirement.


We find the key to on-going Christmas party success is to change it up as much as you can every year. The Elizabeth Andrews Christmas party gigs over the past 6 years have been:

They’ve all been great fun and well attended. Because of the nature of our business, we tend to have our “Christmas Party” in February (we’re nose to the grindstone in December pulling together our customers’ parties for them) so the weather is a little more predictable. And because we have the party in February, we refer to it as the annual staff party (this way we recognise those team members who identify with religions other than Christianity).


It’s always worth bearing in mind whether you want to make it a family affair or not. This can sometimes depend on your budget and indeed whether many of the team members have got children. Elizabeth Andrews gets everyone involved as we find it’s a great opportunity for the children to blow off some steam and mix with some of the other families involved in the business.


Regardless of what you choose to do, it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that the festive season is a time to get together with friends and family, reflect on the year that’s been and look forward to the year ahead.


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