Late Orders: Quick and easy Same Day Ordering for fast on-time delivery

Same Day Ordering: Quick and easy Same Day Ordering for fast on-time delivery


The problem: I forgot to order the catering, aaagh!

The solution: Our late order, same day catering check-list


Arriving at work and realizing you’ve forgotten to place a catering order for that all-important sale meeting can really ruin your day. Same day ordering and late orders are what we do. The key to placing a same day order is to quickly get on the phone and talk it through with us. The sooner we know about your late order (see for the full menu), the sooner you’ll have the peace of mind that we’ve got your back. If we can’t provide you with EXACTLY what you want, we’ll come up with some fantastic alternatives that will get you out of a pickle for those critical late orders and last-minute lunches and sandwich platters.


We’re nice and close to your office and have 14 vans running past your front door every business day so those last-minute late orders can quickly be incorporated into one of our delivery runs and hey presto – lunch at your doorstep – ordering in has never been so stress free!


Phone us with your late order


Don’t email us, pick up the phone and give us a call. Our phones are manned from 7am by our Melbourne based customer service team which is made up of Felicity, Tiffany, Carolina and Laura. Prior to 7.00am, you can leave a message on our answer machine with your contact details and we GUARANTEE we’ll be in touch with you before 7.30am. We’ll need to get some details of your same day request including:


What we’ll need from you:
Delivery time
Delivery location
Number of people
Special dietaries


Once we’ve got the details of your late order catering, we’ll briefly put you on hold (I know, that’s the last thing you want to happen – but it does mean we can solve your late order catering request immediately) while we go through the rest of the checklist.


Late order kitchen check.

We’ll quickly speak with the kitchen to discuss your late order and to check that we can fulfil your request. If some items are not available, we’ll establish what alternatives we can prepare in time for your late order before we get you back on the line to check that you’re happy with the kitchen’s suggestions. If you’re OK with the alternative, we’ll once again put you on hold while we check with the despatch manager regarding how we’re going to get the food to you!


Confirm with Despatch

While you chew the rest of your finger nails to the bone, we’ll have a quick chat with the despatch manager to confirm which delivery run we can include your late order with. Because we will have mapped out the delivery runs at 5pm the day before, it’s really important that for same day orders you get in touch with us as soon as you possibly can. That way we are able to re-configure our delivery runs early in the day to incorporate your late order. If we’re unable to get your order to you at exactly the time you want it, we’ll suggest another time as close as possible. We understand that earlier is better so if need be we may get it to you nice and early so you can pop it in your fridge at the office. That way, you’ll look like a star when the food miraculously turns up fresh and tasty and bang on time!


Late order confirmation

Once you’ve confirmed with us over the phone that you’re happy with your late order and all the details, we’ll shoot you through a quick email confirming our discussion and your order. We’d ask you to quickly check that everything is as per our discussion and if anything seems awry, you can get back to us and we can sort it out before we start to prepare your order.


Same day delivery

Once you’ve received your email and checked the details, we’ll crack on and prepare your order. If time permits it’s at this point that we’ve been known to even duck up to the Queen Vic Market ( to get those extra special raw ingredients we may not have on hand. Once your late order’s ready, it’ll go straight into our holding fridges ready for despatch (for hot food, we’ll set the timer for when it’s got to go in the oven prior to leaving our premises so it’ll get to you nice and hot). Depending on how many other orders are in the delivery van and how things are looking traffic wise (we use – it’s great!), your food will leave our premises and wing it’s way to yours (for cold food, it’ll be transported in refrigerated vans.  For hot food, it’ll be transported in special insulated boxes and either in recyclable confoil or re-useable enamel).


Take the praise


Sit back and take the accolades in the knowledge that YOU saved the day. Ideally, 24 hours notice is great for us to prepare exactly what you want. That said, while same day orders and late orders are not ideal, they’re not a huge problem for us. Every now and then if you place a late order and we don’t have time to duck out and get a special raw ingredient ( we may have to substitute an item into your menu. Our Late Order Checklist ensures there are no surprises and everything is agreed between us before we get on and start preparing your order.

Think of us as kind of like your own personal catering department that’s dedicated to getting you out of a pickle, making you look great and taking the stress out of ordering your catering!



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