12 Easy Steps to Organising a Successful Office Christmas Party

We all love a good office Christmas party, they are a great way to celebrate the year your team has had but organising a successful office Christmas party can be stressful! Whether you want a simple affair of gourmet sandwiches and canapes in your office, or plan to go all out and make a big impression, our tips will help you plan a stress-free and successful work Christmas party.

Remember, it’s never too early to start planning your office Christmas function so get in the festive spirit and start planning your end-of-year celebration with our step-by-step guide.

1. The Date

Christmas is a busy period, the busiest of the year for many people when it comes to social events, so diaries fill up fast. That means you want to get a date pencilled in as early as possible. Send potential options around the office to get a feel for the preferred date, the responses will also give you an indication of numbers for the event. Remember, you can’t please everybody, so it is usually best to go with ‘majority rules’ when choosing your date. Typically, Thursdays and Fridays are most popular so get in early to avoid disappointment.


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